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Management & consultency

Kernel International Limited (Kernel) is a multi-disciplinary research, training and consulting service provider organization. It was established initially as single ownership entity in 2013 as SR Consulting International for overseas training and consultancy management, which has subsequently been incorporated as a private limited company with the Registrar of Joint Stock Company, Bangladesh under the companies’ act (act XVIII) of 1994 and re-named as Kernel International Ltd. in April 2016.


Kernel always focuses to embark upon development projects with maximum efforts and always tries to achieve the maximum level of precision with all the projects. Resource is and always will be a very crucial fact of the foundation of the world around us. For the betterment of humanity and its proper development, Kernel is operating with all its capacity to develop sustainability with all the projects - from management to design; from technology to consultancy. For the sake of a better future Kernel always works to provide best solutions in Technology sections. It always attempts to provide the best visual output for any of the projects. Aesthetics hold a very important phase for the project output and it always tries best to ensure the projects maximized aesthetical value.


1.1 Areas of Expertise


  • Consultancy Services


  • Research and Development


  • Training Management


  • Design and Architecture


  • Technologies- IT and software development


Kernel International Ltd. has a strong team for different sectors of consultancy. In here, we work for the betterment of the project outcome as well as complete client satisfaction. Our primary focus is to ensure quality within the best time-frame.


1.2 Major Areas of Activities


Consultancy Services


Kernel has a large pool of more than 45 top quality professional consultants of home and abroad with specific expertise in a plethora of areas to serve as a partner in your business and to implement your ideas. It provides consultancy services covering areas of agriculture and rural development; HRM; agricultural production, post-harvest management and marketing; water resources management; livestock, fisheries; drainage and irrigation; energy, power and mineral resources; food safety and quality assurance; institutional development and capacity building; entrepreneurship development; supply & value chain analysis; climate change adaptation and mitigation; disaster risk management; market linkage development; information technology (IT solution and software development); inspection and auditing farm/industry; safety and quality assurance of agro-commodities; and project preparation.


1.3 Research and Development


  • Survey/study (policy analysis, feasibility, baseline/end-line/socio-economic survey, midterm review, need/ impact assessment, sector study, value chain analysis, case studies, monitoring and evaluation etc.).


  • Generation of demand-led technologies on crops, aquaculture, livestock and agroforestry

  • Participatory action research for technology validation and packaging


  • Adaptation trials on climate smart technologies


  • R & D on natural resource bases and eco-technology and transfer of technologies.


  • Transfer of technologies.


1.4 Training Management (Local and Foreign)


  • Organizes in-country and foreign training/study tours


  • Develop in-country/overseas training & exposure visits operational and implementation plans; provide required logistical arrangements (VISA, Air tickets, Hotel, Guide etc.) training and analytical report


  • Sourcing of Universities & enrolment into long-term and short-term educational programs.


Kernel organizes training/ study tours on different sectors of interest like- Agriculture & Rural Development; Culture & Heritage; Energy, Power & Mineral Resources; Housing & Public Works; Science


  • IT; Education; Health and Hygiene; Food Safety and Quality Assurance; Engineering; Water Resource Management; Agribusiness and Entrepreneurship Development; Sustainable Environment and Development/Climate Smart Technologies; Value Chain Development; HRM, Accounts & Finance; Product Development; Sales & Marketing; High Value Crops and Horticulture; Supply Chain Management, Project Management for Professionals (PMP); Computer Fundamentals; Organic Farming, Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), Good Manufacturing Practices, HACCP, ISO etc.; Training Module Development; Capacity Building Workshop; Training & Development (T&D) Program Design & Implementation etc.


1.5 Design and Architecture


Some major expertise in design and architecture sector of Kernel International Ltd. includes- Expert home designs and collaborative design consultation Give advice on all aspects of the building process-design and drawing, planning, finding a builder, budget and costing, building regulation issues etc. Ensure compliance with all relevant laws and regulations Providing the client with clear instructions and guidance when required



1.6 Technologies- IT and Software Development


  • IT consulting service help competitive development providing framework to simplify product architecture components, reduce development and sustenance cost support


  • Integrated of engineering tools into workflow management to improve defect tracking and cut wastages


  • Virtualization tools to cut underutilization of lab resources significantly, while reducing overhead costs


  • Readily available resources for quick ramp-up to ensure productivity


  • Provide &design IT based technologies & management development.


Kernel always looks for the best output in any case scenario. Our team’s key focus is on the ultimate quality and timeframe maintenance. Our major objectives include:


  • To emerge and act as supportive consulting service providing organization and meet up and live up to expectation of the donors, government and non-government agencies by providing technical support


  • To act as a platform of the professionals to enable them to offer their technical services


  • To render appropriate, timely and need based support to government and development partners


  • To act as a consultancy organization focused on several sectors i.e. Management Consultancy, Training, Education, Design & Architecture etc.


  • To assist in planning and policy formulation by undertaking specific research for the government and development partners.

  • To provide a platform for the young newcomers in the job sector to learn and educate them/selves in a practical and effective consultancy & research environment


  • To assist the public & private sector organizations in decision-making process which are involved in implementing development agenda and to help them achieving the best output


  • To provide information and necessary support services to public and private sector agencies for undertaking baseline, monitoring and pre & post evaluation studies, and


  • To organize workshops, seminars, conferences in order to disseminate research findings and share ideas.


The mission of Kernel is to develop an institutional framework of excellence with a view to rendering research and consulting services to government, non-government and private agencies. Kernel is committed to develop professionalism in consulting services through enhancing institutional capability and by providing experts to various development partner i.e. government agencies, NGOs, private sectors, research and financial institutions. Kernel would evolve as a sustainable research institution and consultancy service providing organization in Bangladesh and abroad by providing quality services and ensuring institutional growth and sustainability.

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